A 21st Century Giant

The internet is indeed a 21st Century Giant! Not only is it “walked” by millions of people every hour, it includes things like…

  • Pornography
  • Child Predators
  • Terrorist Websites
  • Identity Theft Scams

to name a few.

What is the Church to do?

Run? Cower? Hide? Imagine it away? Bunker ourselves in and only pop up long enough to say how ungodly the internet is?


We must approach this giant like David approached Goliath Read Online.

1st – David aligned himself with the Living God 1 Samuel 17:45

  • We must have our lives aligned with that same Living God

2nd – David armed himself 1 Samuel 17:40

  • We have the word of God which promised to be the all equipping (2 Peter 1:3) weapon (Ephesians 6:17) we need to fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12).
  • Engaging the internet means we have to understand the internet. If you don’t understand, grab a computer and learn. It is pretty easy.

3rd – David ran to meet his opponent 1 Samuel 17:48

  • We must, at all costs, run out to meet the internet head on via blogging, social networking and providing web based resources for people seeking the truth.
  • Christians need to infuse the word of God into every facet, forum and outlet the internet offers, especially those that are FREE.
  • We need to increase our presence dramatically in search engines.
  • We have to use this media to look for and create opportunities to minister to individuals.

The internet is a giant that must be faced. While it will never cease to exist, it is possible for God’s people to have an overwhelming presence there. That presence can lead to evangelism opportunities, encouraging/increasing faith of other Christians and urging ungodly entities to end or go elsewhere.

It depends upon us. Many of our people are cowering in fear. Let us run to and engage this giant and empower our brethren to also let their light shine (Matthew 5:16) on the internet.


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