It’s Free & Easy

Free –
Wordpress is a free online blog hosting service. It is one of several different services on the internet. While it is only a tool it has the capability to enhance the church’s presence on the internet and open doors to personal evangelism. Not only that, but it is FREE. Why wouldn’t Christians use something like this to promote the Gospel? Wouldn’t this be considered the cheapest mission work on the planet? Consider this:

If God were to ask,

“Did you use every means available to spread My word quickly and effectively throughout the world?”

Would you be able to respond “Yes”?

Easy –
A blog only takes a few minutes to get started. With 52 ideas for blog starters, all you need is a few minutes a week in front of the computer, your Bible and the desire to change the internet for good as well as improve your personal evangelism. What stands in your way? It definitely isn’t difficulty.


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