Using Your Blog with Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that now has 150 million active users.  Many of you who use the internet regularly are already connected at Facebook.  If you aren’t, I would encourage you to do so.  Why?  Because you can get connected with family, neighbors, co-workers and even long lost friends who need to hear the gospel.  Thousands of people are re-connecting after years of silence and Facebook has facilitated that.

With the new friends and connections you have on Facebook, you can start using this media to link up your blog and let your light shine.  The average user on Facebook has an average of 100 friends.  More than likely, several of those are Christians.  Even more likely, many of them need to hear the saving message of Jesus.  If they are going to hear, it is necessary to link Facebook with the blog where you are sharing God’s truth.

So the big question is…how?

Let’s get started.

1st – Include your blog in your Facebook profile.
–    Go to the information section under your profile picture
–    Click on the pencil in the top Right corner and choose edit information
–    Open the Contact information section and paste the address for your blog under website
–    Save it and now you have a link to your blog for everyone who looks at your Facebook profile

Next we will discuss how to Import your blog into Facebook Notes.

CBT is now on Facebook.  We would love for you to join our group and participate by sharing links and participating in discussions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might encounter while integrating your blog with Facebook.


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