Make Yourself Available

Recently, as I have evaluated a number of faith-based blogs, I have recognized one thing that could be counter productive to the evangelistic purpose we should have.  Bloggers are concealing their identity and/or not providing any outlet to communicate with them besides the “comment” section of their post.  When it comes to talking about faith, some people are embarrassed about publicly asking questions or revealing their doubts/concerns.  Making ourselves available through out blogs via email and Facebook opens doorways for people to visit with us in confidence.

Blogging research shows that most bloggers (68%) say concealing their identity is either “not important at all” or “not that important” (Technorati – State of the Blogospshere 2008).  Research goes on to state that the concern of those bloggers who desire to conceal their identity is centered around 2 principles
1.    Fear of harassment
2.    Others disapproving of the content

I also know that a number of bloggers are hesitant to share their email due to massive amounts of Spam emails.  While the third reason is a valid concern, there are ways to decrease it or prevent it all together.  Regardless, I don’t believe any of these three reasons are significant or grounds for us not to make ourselves available to sincere seekers “walking” the most widely used media on planet.

You may be asking, “should/could a Facebook link just replace email?”  In a word, NO!  The purpose of a Facebook link is to get connected with people you already know.  If there is someone unknown to you who reads your blog, they are not likely to befriend you on Facebook.  Even if they did, the chance of you approving their anonymous friend request further decreases the likelihood that you will ever connect.  Therefore, an email link is necessary.

Please, make yourself available and increase the opportunity to begin discussions with people hungry for God’s word.

If you are still concerned about spam emails as a result of making your email address available on your blog, please contact me and I will be happy to help you with some strategies to minimize spam.


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  1. 1 Scott Klaft March 9, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    I have a blog. I do not get a lot of internet traffic, but I keep it going regularly, and advertise it where I see it is appropriate. People visiting you, may also check out me at “Sojourning Here in Fear” by going to…

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