Post Idea – Photos

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by images. If they haven’t been captured yet it won’t be long before they are.arms1

  • When we drive down the highway we see billboards.
  • When we go to a restaurant there is a tv streaming image after image.
  • When we turn on the computer they jump out at us.
  • Your walls are covered with them.
  • They are in your wallet, on your phone, in your ipod or stuck to your refrigerator.

Why do you keep them around and keep looking at them? Because many of them have some sort of meaning.

Now, find a photo/image that inspires you. One that makes you seek God or long for Him. A photo that causes you to want to serve the poor, conquer your fears or fight injustice.  Maybe that image reminds you of all you have been blessed with? Take that photo in digital form, post it to your blog and tell the story behind it.  Inspire people and show them the places you see God every day!


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