I’m not a writer!

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t start a blog is the thought:

“I’m not a writer!”

Fair enough.  Some people aren’t writers. BUT if that is your reason, are you giving yourself a fair hearing?  Bailey and Storch in their book The Blogging Church say “people are tired of perfection; they’re looking for authenticity.”

Have you considered their point?

More than likely, you will never write perfectly.  If you hold yourself to the standard of a book, magazine, or newspaper, you better get yourself…an editorial team.  Everything you read in the professional market is previewed and edited multiple times.  Blogging doesn’t have to be perfect!  It just has to be real.  If the ultimate goal is to share the gospel, people need to see your walk with Christ, not a polished dissertation.

You can do this!  If you feel inadequate as a writer (don’t worry, I do too!), here is a quick guide to help with grammar, word choice and general style of writing.  Grab a copy, and use as needed.


Strunk and White – The Elements of Style

Blessings in your blogging!


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