tlogoTwitter is one of the most effective communication tools available in the social media realm today. Also known as “microblogging” Twitter requires that your posts be within a 140 character limit. It is not only accessible by computer or smartphone, but can be updated by and delivered to a cell phone that is text enabled. Twitter integrates beautifully with blogs and Facebook with your most recent “tweet” updating your FB status and showing up on your blog. Basically, it is the social media that helps you tie everything together.

For ministry and evangelism it accomplishes three things very well.

1. Connects you to your current audience and potentially a wider audience
2. Provides an assessment tool to gain insight into the spiritual needs of others
3. Gives a medium to connect on the go via mobile phone

How to use Twitter with CBT

  • Start an account and find friends
  • Integrate your account with Facebook
  • Put a Twitter widget on your blog
  • Start a Twitterfeed account
  • Get desktop and/or mobile phone apps
  • Update Twitter regularly


Integrate Twitter with other Social Media
–    Automatically update your Facebook status with Twitter
–    Add your twitter updates to your blog (use HTML widget with
–    Twitter Feed automatically tweets your most recent blog post –

Desktop Applications for Twitter
–    Twhirl for Mac –
–    Tweet Deck for PC –

Use Twitter with your mobile phone for FREE
–    Twiteriffic for iPhone –
–    Twitterberry for Blackberry –

Videos to Watch
Twitter in Plain English

How to use Twitter by Howcast

Suggested Reading
–   The Reason Your Church Must Twitter
–    The Social Media Bible – Chapters 15 & 29
–    Twitter Power


1 Response to “Twitter”

  1. 1 Josh Hunt March 22, 2011 at 1:11 am

    I want to like twitter. I just don’t get it.


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