Daily Booth

Last week a former student directed me to Daily Booth. I generally have enough social media projects going on to keep me busy but I decided to check it out.  Here is my review and suggestion for ministry.

Daily Booth is a mix between photo sharing, blogging and microblogging mixed into one.  As it integrates together it forms a social networking type vibe. It allows you to snap a photo from your webcam or upload a recently taken photo from your camera.  In addition to that, Daily Booth offers mobile/email upload features.  Once your photo is in the pipe, you can add your post to it (no length restrictions).  Your profile allows you to follow and be followed by other Daily Boothers where comments and conversation can ensue.  Their live feed scrolls all the user uploads in real time allowing users to watch and interact.

Comparing Daily Booth to other social media sites makes it look insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  While it does integrate with Twitter, there is no RSS feed or badge features to integrate with another blog or Facebook notes.  I’m sure this deters many from using it.

BUT, in my few moments of establishing an account and watching the live feed I saw a post that said “I cant keep doing this…God please help me..”  I was amazed.  People kept revealing some heavy things going on in their lives and their pictures showed a lot of pain.  What surprised me the most was that they were predominantly teenagers.

While Daily Booth isn’t the most high tech social media service I feel like it has potential as a useful ministry tool in 3 ways.

  1. Understanding the hurts and lives of today’s youth.
  2. Direct ministry to the youth on Daily Booth
  3. I tool to suggest to your teenagers as a way to express themselves and begin a conversation for teaching and mentoring.

What do you think about Daily Booth?


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