Stories Sell Products

I came across this article on Holy Kaw this morning entitled “Stories Sell Products.” Their point in the article was to highlight the discrepancies between high priced Super Bowl ads and the effective simplicity stories bring to the table (at a much lower cost).

So many times, we as the church feel pressured to go Hollywood, entertaining and big budget to impress people with the gospel. Truth be told, stories “sell” the message. Don’t believe me? Pick up the best selling book of all time and read out God’s redemptive story as it played out in the lives of real people. It is called the Bible. Books as big as the Bible rarely make the best seller list. What beats all is the story of Christ. There is something about God with us that impacts people. That’s why telling and sharing about how your story intersects with God’s and how Christ has changed you is more impact full than any laser light show, rock concert, or multimillion dollar endeavor.

The emergence of this new media has opened opportunities to tell our story more widely, more effectively, and more efficiently. It has also broadened our audience beyond our imagination.  However, this should not distract us.

Be creative. Be authentic. Tell the story!




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