Here are 52 Blog Starters to help you keep your blog fresh.

Be sure to:

  • Rely on & quote scripture exclusively to support your thoughts. People need God! We need to ensure that we don’t deprive them by giving what we “think” or “feel” without pointing them to scripture. (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3)
  • Don’t be a jerk. This is not the place/time for you to grind a theological axe. Stick with point #1 and understand point #3.
  • Be real & be specific about your life with Christ. People are looking to create safe friendships where they can discuss spiritual matters. Be that person.
  • Tag your posts!This will ensure that people searching for the Truth will be able to find it online.
  • Enjoy! This is an opportunity for you to study, reflect and grow in your faith. It is also an easy but effective way to facilitate Matthew 28:18-20.

1. How did you become a Christian?
2. What does God say about becoming a Christian in the Bible?
3. What did you study in Bible class this week?
4. What are you studying in your own personal study time?
5. How are you living out your faith this week?
6. Share a meaningful review of books that promoted your spiritual growth.
7. What prayer request this month has God answered?
8. What is your congregation’s contact information and what you love about them?
9. How do you forgive others and what the Bible says about it?
10. In what way or ways is the gospel of Jesus truly good news?
11. How do you deal with disappointment in a Christian way?
12. What changed in your life when you became a Christian?
13. What is the most attractive aspect of Christian faith?
14. How has a mentor or close friend helped you live faithfully to God?
15. Reflect on a time in your life when you worked through a tough conflict and the results turned out better than you ever imagined.
16. How have you seen the guiding hand of God in your life?
17. When something bad happens, how do you rely on God?
18. What is your favorite passage of scripture and why?
19. What is your favorite attribute of the Church?
20. Which is your favorite Psalm and why?
21. Which is your favorite Gospel and why?
22. Which is your favorite book in the Bible and why?
23. Please share a review of a “faith based” blog you read this month.
24. Re-post an article/blog that a friend or minister wrote this week.
25. What is your favorite parable and why?
26. What is your favorite miracle performed by Jesus and why?
27. Write about the day you were baptized, how you felt and what you experienced.
28. Write about a time when you have seen Jesus shine through someone else.
29. Describe who lead you to Jesus and how.
30. What are the top 10 blessings God has given you (be specific).
31. How do you deal with sin in your life?
32. What is your favorite Proverb and why?
33. How do you evaluate the worth of a person according to Jesus’ example?
34. How do you incorporate Bible study into your life (when, where, how)?
35. How do you study with your family and teach your children about Christ?
36. Respond to a current event from a Christian’s perspective.
37. Rate a good movie and why it is wholesome and good for Christians to watch.
38. How do you look forward to Jesus’ coming.
39. Reflect on how a Christian’s citizenship is in heaven.
40. How does holiness/sanctification look in your life?
41. Write about your joy as a Christian this week.
42. What is your favorite part of worship?
43. What does John 3:16 mean for you and the rest of the world?
44. Reflect on and compare the purity of children and how Christians are called to be more pure.
45. How do you prioritize God amongst the business of life?
46. Describe a time that you felt persecuted/alone/struggling and how you found contentment in Christ.
47. Reflect upon Christ’s resurrection and what it means for you and other Christians.
48. Reflect on the “Greatest Commandment” and what it means to you.
49. What is the strongest evidence for Christianity that you know of?
50. Discuss the faith of one of the people described in Hebrews 11.
51. Reflect on Psalm 23 and how God shepherds your life.
52. What does it mean for you to be made in the image of God.

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