Calling All Christians!

In order for the concept behind Church Blog Theory to work, we need every member of the Church of Christ worldwide to get started.  If you know how to use a computer, even a little, you are needed!


5 Points of Blogging Evangelism
#1 – Start a Blog
#2 – Write blog posts
#3 – Integrate your blog with social media & promote it
#4 – Interact with seekers
#5 – Find openings or doorways to enter into face-to-face conversations & study

Get Started


1 Response to “Getting Started”

  1. 1 John October 5, 2009 at 4:24 am

    Dear friends in Christ,
    I have been trying to figure out how to use the internet to witness for Christ on an individual level for some time… Your article on Church Blog Theory which I read today, seems to offer me the best option in view of my personal Christian experiences… I would most sincerely like to set up a personal Blog site for witnessing and would like some insights as to how I should go about creating one for personal evangelism…. Your article is very stimulating and I would like to take action on your ideas for evangelism… Maybe I should check out some other witnesses to get ideas..? Thanks and regards, John

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