MicroBlogging has proved itself to be a integral part of the the social media sphere.  Most commonly known as status updates or Tweets, these short blurbs appear everywhere.  How is MicroBlogging used by ministers effectively?  The primary purpose is COMMUNICATION.  Once your Twitter account is synchronized with your blog, Facebook and other social networking sites, you will begin to participate in the communication process in a powerful way.

1. Reality – What do you do all day?  Sit in an office?  Anyone who has done ministry long enough knows this isn’t the case.  However, many people believe a “preacher” only works 1.5 days a week.  Status updates delivered via Twitter let everyone know that you are a REAL person that isn’t just collecting dust and a paycheck.  Tweet about your life and let people know who you are and what your are doing.

2. Transparency – Many people perceive ministers to be some kind of “Hired Holy Man.”  If ever given the opportunity to know us, people realize we are just like everyone else.  Our job is to share our lives in a transparent way.  Microblogging allows a platform to share your life with others in a way ministers have never been able to.

3. Sharing – Other ministers and Christians are currently using Twitter as a platform to share articles and other media pertaining to all aspects of ministry.  It is a virtual catalog to the most up to date ministry ideas from a wide variety of ministers.

4. Assessment – While people you minister to are being real and transparent, you have a front row seat to their lives.  Are they hurting, rejoicing, struggling or flourishing?  Keeping an eye on microblogging updates helps you keep the pulse of people.  Now you don’t have to wait for someone to call you.  Assessing microblogging updates helps you be informed and proactive in your ministry.


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