The MidPoint Social Media Ministry Strategy indicates the areas in which Social Media integration create the optimal ministry opportunities.

Wherever overlap occurs there is a significant increase in the opportunity to communicate with effectiveness.  However, the center strip where RSS, Micro Blog and SocNet overlap Blogging offers the ideal integration to achieve the most effective and reaching communication strategy for ministers.


How do you get started developing your strategy?

  1. Set up a Gmail account.  You can continue to use your existing email address and transfer your Gmail to that account (configure under settings).  This account will provide the foundation for all your other social media accounts.
  2. Start a Blog.  There are several blogging services available.  We recommend either a free account at WordPress or a paid account with the web site name of your choice at TheoBloggers ($4/month).
  3. Start Twitter, Facebook and Feedburner accounts
  4. Integrate your Blog, MicroBlog and and RSS accounts together (.pdf Coming Soon)
  5. Follow the MidPoint Social Media Ministry Strategy schedule


For some interesting reading on what the business world is doing in this arena, check out The Trinity of Social Media by Steven Groves


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